How to Reset Hotmail Account? – Hotmail Password Recovery

Hotmail is one of the services which is used by the maximum number of users. Its advanced technology and extra features attract the customer to use it which was founded in 1996. It is one of the best choices of users because of its features such as large storage capacity, 25 MB Storage capacity, availability in 35 languages, protocols access. The name is to be replaced by in 2013. It attracts users because of its easiness, reliability, and user-friendly environment which can be used for personal and professional levels.

Reset Hotmail password in an easy way

Forget Password is one of the main issues because of that many works are to be ceased and the user wastes their precious time. These steps definitely help you if you forget your password.

How to Reset Hotmail Account?

  1. Open homepage.

  2. Click can’t access your account link.

  3. Select Forget My Password and click next.

  4. Enter Hotmail address in Microsoft Account, fill captcha and next.

  5. Select verification method, fill questionnaire and get code of verification.

  6. Select verification method, fill questionnaire and get code of verification.

How can I get my Outlook/Hotmail account without a recovery phone number or email id?

If you want to access your Outlook/Hotmail account and do not have an account recovery phone number or email address then there is a process to regain your account information.
In order to access your email account, follow the given Account Recovery options:

1.) At login screen, click on Can’t access your account?

2.) Why are you having trouble signing in?
• You will be redirected to a window where you will ask for kind for problems you are facing. Option “I know my password, but can’t sign in” will be an appropriate one for your problem. Click Next.

3.) Get back into your account.
• Enter your email address as well as the Captcha (Enter the characters you see) and click Next.

4.) We need to verify your identity.
• You have the option to get a recovery code either by text message, email, or automated voice.
• As per your problem, the only solution is to select I don’t use these anymore.

5.) Do you have an account recovery code?
• Obviously, you do not have a recovery code, so click No. The recovery process will now switch to manual account verification.

6.) Recover your Microsoft account.
• Provide your email address which you want to access. Also, provide another email address at which you can be contacted. Click Next.
• Page will ask you to provide account details (including name, birth date, location, security question/answer, folder names, contacts, and others).

7.) Fill out all the account details and click on Submit.

8.) Your account information has been submitted to Microsoft. Wait till you emailed a password reset link. Otherwise, you will be requested to submit a new account verification form with more accurate information.

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